Trckr Swift

iOS Location-tracking framework.


with Cocoapods:

pod Trckr


  1. Download the Trckr.framework and drop it in your Xcode project
  2. Drag/drop Trckr.framework into Project > Embedded Binaries section
  3. In your project settings, add the folder in which Trckr.framework is located to Framework Search Paths.

Sample App

BackgroundTracker is a sample app using Trckr.framework


// start Trckr
Trckr.shared.trackingEnabled = true

// stop Trckr 
Trckr.shared.trackingEnabled = false


  1. Tracks the user’s location from start to stop.
  2. Supports background operation on mobile devices (requires always location permission on iOS).
  3. Uses significant location monitoring and geofencing to reduce power consumption on the mobile device when the user is stationary.
  4. Supports beacon region monitoring for IoT e.g. vehicle detection.
  5. simple to set up and configure to your specific use cases.

Trckr provides precision, power efficient location tracking in native Swift/Java and is the result of thousands of hours of field tests which yield unparalleled accuracy and reliability in continuous location tracking on iOS and Android.

What’s it for?

  • Mileage tracking
  • Fleet management
  • Logistics & mobile workforce
  • Delivery tracking
  • Ride share analytics
  • Family / child safety
  • Car Lease / Rental companies
  • Intelligent transportation systems (ITS)
  • Traffic monitoring


  • Trckr - the main module handles continuous location tracking. Auto-start it when the user moves, auto-stop when the user becomes stationary. This module provides several configuration props and reports to TrckrDelegate.

  • Geofence - handles region monitoring by auto-setting EXIT geofence triggers when the user stops moving. This module plays a critical role in resuming location tracking and saving power while the user is stationary. Again, TrckrDelegate is notified on key events.

  • Beacon - object/region detection using iBeacon. Configurable beacon UUID, major and minor. Notifies your app when on beacon region exit/entry events.

Apps powered by Trckr

Psngr - Mileage Tracker

Psngr app logs your trips and tracks mileage expenses for tax-deduction or reimbursement.

Trckr enables Psngr’s location tracking capabilities, as well as assists in vehicle detection with iBeacon. Psngr quantifies mileage using standard mileage rates in 15+ countries.


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